Friday, April 27

South Korea: Mass e-mail #4

Today is momentous. I have officially consumed my 2nd full jar of peanut butter on my own. I think jars of peanut butter can serve as good time markers: you have to be paced and dedicated. Because no matter how delicious it tastes I think we all have to admit that sometimes it takes physical exertion to get through a pb sandwich. So I celebrated the event by purchasing a 3rd jar along with scrub brushes and mops which will be used in my assault against dirt and bacteria this Saturday.
At last I think I'm beginning to find my place as a teacher. Sometimes I truly pity my students for having to deal with a rookie like me. But I usually console myself because quite frankly my English speaking skills are way better than theirs :). I think both the students and myself are beginning to believe that I have some authority, which helps bring some order to the classroom. Plus our art projects have been amazing lately! I appreciate that kids are way less self-conscious than adults. They have no qualms about wearing art project paper hats bedazzled with construction paper and glitter- in fact they strut around in them! Don't worry- I'm just as disappointed as you that I didn't bring my camera to school that day. But perhaps the attached picture will suffice. It is from our first field trip last week. And I assure you that the class is uncharacteristically subdued in the photograph.
This weekend my friend Melissa and I are going to try to make banana bread using a toaster oven. Baked goods are hard to come by here, and good baked goods pretty much don't exist. So we'll see how that turns out.
I've been grateful for the chance to get around South Korea every few weekends. I've seen the capitol and a mountain and an island along the west coast. I like the opportunities that take me out of the city and into a place with not-so-domesticated plants and animals. These are refreshing times spent with enjoyable people.
I realize this update rambles a bit, but it serves to tell you where I am and how time here is spent. I send my love!

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